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NAC's First "ATMs Go To Washington" A Great Success!

In an unprecedented initiative for this business sector, America’s Independent ATM providers and suppliers traveled to Washington, DC last week to participate in the first ever “ATMs Go To Washington” ~ Powered by The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC). Numerous meetings were held during the course of the week, to introduce Members of Congress and their Staffs to our Nation’s Independent ATM industry/issues.


Participants educated Congressional leaders about the retail ATM sector including its important contributions to the U.S. economy and the thousands of local communities we serve across America. NAC Members were also able to deliver a strong message concerning the ATM bank account closure crisis now sweeping the country and other major issues impacting America’s Independent ATM industry.


ATM Owner/Operators and Suppliers traveled at their own expense from across the Nation to attend these historic Congressional meetings. Key DC policymakers heard directly from the U.S. Independent ATM community and gained solid insights into the true nature and importance of our sector to the U.S. economy.


This week’s meetings in DC generated extremely positive responses and feedback throughout the Halls of Congress – and a number of Members have already agreed to help seek effective resolution of our most pressing issues. During the week, NAC was also able to conduct productive and informative meetings with federal bank regulators charged with oversight of these vital matters.


We thank the many Retail/Independent ATM industry owners, operators, and suppliers who traveled from across the USA and whose professionalism, participation, and patriotism spoke so well of our industry! Please stay tuned for more information as events continue to unfold.

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